Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bend it Like Evan

Evan seems to be in limbo between needing a daily nap or not. And some days he drives me crazy with his jumping off the furniture and wanting to go outside at the worst times. So I thought we should at least channel some of this energy into something constructive.
I signed Evan up for soccer on base with the 3-5 yr olds. He did quite well for his first day. I think he has a hard time keeping focused the whole hour, because he kept wanting to do his own thing with the soccer ball. But then again, maybe it was wearing him out, just as planned?
I was surprised to see some of the kids with full on shin guards and cleats cause they're just 3-5 yr olds! and this program only runs 4 weeks, once a week! I might just cave and go get him shin guards, at least to keep him from getting hurt by everyone else's cleats.

On a quick side note: The other day when we were driving home from something, Evan was looking out the window, and then pointed out to me that he didn't want to go to our house, he wanted to go to our old house. I didn't think he'd remember anything of our old house, let alone cared. I asked him, what old house? what did it look like? what color? He couldn't nail down the color for me but he told me about how there was a triangle on top of the door! That's amazing! Because there was a "triangle" shaped moulding over the front door! He did remember! I explained to him that he was right, and that was our old house, but now we're in our new house, and we would see our old house again one day. He seem satisfied with my answer. I think I don't give him enough credit for how sharp he is sometimes.

From weeks before Japan

Monday, September 29, 2008

You did what to a Mochi?

We were shopping around in the Akihabara area, known for electronic stores of all calibers, and went into a kitchen appliance store.
I found what I thought was a waffle iron, but it made white colored waffles? Huh?
So I googled it, and this is what I found.
It is a Moffle Machine! It makes waffles from mochi! And you can eat it with almost anything. Ice cream, curry, salmon roe (eggs), dipped in chocolate, with ham and cheese, really anything! I'm very curious. I don't know if I'm willing to shell out $70 USD to try it. I think there are a few cafe's that have put it on their menus. So I'll let you know when I try it if its good. :)
I guess the article says people have tried using their reg waffle irons with mixed results. I might try it, it can't be too hard to clean up right?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fun with Evan

One evening, Evan whined his usual whine, "I need something else I can do!" I just happened to finish vacuuming so I had Evan lay down on my rug and pretend to be different letters. He did a pretty good job! I had to get my camera out and had him spell out his name. Cute huh?
Then I got an idea to turn up the fun. I read a post on designmom.com last year about how she took pictures of her kids to look like a scene from the nativity. And even making her daughter look like she's a flying angle. I wanted to try it out on Evan.
It turned out alright. I think I'd have to try a differnt rug, but it looks like he's flying! Maybe next time I can dress Careese up too and see what shots I can get.


I feel horrible that its been a while since I last posted something substantial. I've been meaning to post about our much anticipated trip to Singapore that we came back from 3 WEEKS ago! We had a great time and ate and ate and ate all the foods that I missed and visited friends and family I hadn't seen for over 10 yrs. Last time I went I was 17. Now I was bringing a husband and two kids with me. I think I enjoyed having the freedom to chose what I wanted to see and do. This time, I am the adult.
Mark had a conference there and we went a few days earlier to vacation. He'll be going to Singapore quite a bit for his job in the future, so I hope we'll be making trips at Singapore at least annually.
We visited with my dad's side of the family, and Evan had a blast with my younger cousins. So much fun, that he didn't want to come home with us. My aunt was nice to offer letting Evan spend the night. And even babysitting for us one evening so Mark and I could have a date night. I don't think we do that enough. Thanks so much Aunt Geoklee!
This is me with my cousin's daughter, Beverly Thong. Seriously, isn't that so cool! (Thong is my maiden name) She's such a cute girl. I forgot to ask her what her middle name was... :)
Here's the pictures to give you an idea of what we did. There were a few days where I forgot to take my camera out with us. So just imagine more pictures of us eating. hahaha

From Singapore 2008

So the reason why posts have been sparse lately is this...

The day after we got back from Singapore, Evan started Japanese Kindergarten. I thought with Evan gone for 5 hours everyday I'd have more time on my hands to do things I want, but really I end up running errands and doing house work! I decided to walk Evan to school cause its only a 10 min walk and thought it would be good exercise. But, I'm more tired now then before Evan started school! I guess the best part is that I get more one on one time with Careese. I was feeling guilty that she kind of gets shafted on mommy attention.
Evan is cute in his uniform. He actually wants to wear it now. Unfortunately, he's in the class that wears the bright pink hats. At least they only wear those hats a recess. Just wait till they start wearing their winter uniforms. I swear it was designed for the girls and they added suspenders and shorts to make it for the boys. And his winter hat KILLS me! Its got a long flowing bow on it! I wonder if they'd notice if I cut it off. Well, for now Evan doesn't know the difference. Just wait till he's older and looks back on his pictures. heehee
The last two weeks have been hard on Evan. He had a hard time adjusting, and cried quite a bit that they recommended that he only do half days for a while. I felt bad for him because I totally understand how he feels about going to a school where he doesn't understand the language. People that have had their kids go to school there, that didn't speak Japanese, said that it takes a few months before they get adjusted.
Well, this week Evan has done amazingly. He hasn't cried at all! And when I drop him off at the front of the school, he walks to his class on his own!
I tell him what time I'm coming back and he actually keeps track of the time. He told me when I came to pick him up, "Mommy, you come get me at 2? There's five numbers on the clock!" He actually watched the hour hand and counted 5 hours! I didn't realize 3 yr olds could make conclusions like that. I never told him which hand on the clock was which.
Time does fly by, I didn't think we'd already be sending Evan to school. It sneaked up on me, that I didn't even get a picture of him going to school. Thats a pic of him leaving school.

*check me out, I typed in Japanese! Yeah without help from Mark either. :P (translation: Evan goes to kindergarten!)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Why I heart Taiwan...

Guess who happens to be in town for the 2008 International Beef Noodle Soup Festival in Taipei...they should make me a guest judge. Tomorrow, baby.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Too much fun in Singapore


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Evan had so much fun playing on the playground in the dark that even when he banged his head on a bar he didn't cry and just continued playing.  It wasn't until about 1/2 hour after he came back (he went out with Bev's aunt and his first cousin once removed Ray - I like Uncle Ray better, easier to say - while we ate), we were just on our way out, and for some reason I was playing with his hair when all of the sudden I hit a thick patch of hair stuck together.  Thought it was kind of odd, but just thought maybe Evan had boogers in his hair...until I looked at my fingers and found that they were red.  I did some more digging (visualize monkey picking lice) and found about a 3-4 cm laceration on his head, fairly deep, slightly bleeding. ...?  Did Evan not feel it?  Asked him if it hurt, he said, mmmh (which is yes, I think)...I think he was more interested in playing, of course.  Bev's aunt has four boys who can as a team wear out Evan.  The laceration looked like it could be remedied with Neosporin, but we just wanted to be sure it wasn't infected.  This would be the second gash on his head; the first one was when he jumped off the bed and hit the corner with the back of his head.  Blood was gushing everywhere, Bev said (or at least made it sound like) it was like something out of a horror flick (but I would never know, I don't like those).  Headed over to Juliana's alma mater, Gleneagles Hospital, and the doctors there glued his head together.  We told Evan the doctors were giving him a haircut so he was quite positive throughout the procedure, flashing gang signs at the camera and flapping his legs around.  

I was quite positive until I received the bill.  That's an expensive noggin.  There'd better be something in there.