Sunday, February 24, 2008

What are we doing?

Instead of complaining about how other people aren't updating their blog, I thought we'd update ours.

So what are we doing...

Right now: Watching Zoolander: "That Hansel's so HOT right now"; oogling Careese; watching Elmo's Potty Time (for the 20th consecutive time); eating Cape Cod Russet Potato Chips (is there a difference in taste? Still don't know); Lucy's sitting under my leg.

Today: Taught Nursery (more like crowd control because out of the 12 kids we had, half of them were over-rambunctious and the other half were cranky). (AND might I add, there were at least four runny noses in there, despite our letter out to the parents? Too bad one of them was Evan! Scribes, Pharisees, Hypocrites!) Went home teaching (trying to do better at this--I am, after all, a HT district rep...). Figured out how to get algae off vinyl siding.

"Orange Mocha Frappucino!!"

Over the weekend: Put laminate flooring in the kitchen with the help of Uncle D. Installed a new entryway light because Bev wants to keep the one we had up.

Over the past week: Repainted Evan's room.

Derek Zoolander, "A Model, Idiot?"

Over the past couple weeks: Painted the final wall in our family room (don't know why we didn't paint it the first time around). Installed a new dining room light and light in Evan's room. The dining room is too bright now so we're going to have to paint the room to darken it.

"I'm sure there's a lot more to life than being really really good looking...and I plan to find out what that is."

Last last weekend: Andrew came over to help install laminate flooring in the dining room. Quite the adventure since that was all of our first it was Andrew's first time using the saw he bought a couple years back from Amazon...found out it didn't have a laser guide like he thought...he was a little bummed about that.

"A Eugugolizer: One who speaks at funerals?"

Past few weeks: Replacing the vinyl flooring in the bathrooms with...newer vinyl flooring.

"The Derek Zoolander Center for kids who can't read good...Look out...Tushy Squeeze!"

Getting the house ready to sell is so much *fun*. We're fixing up stuff we wanted to do a long time ago! After the flooring was all done, Bev keeps saying, why didn't we do this earlier!?!

"The Mine Sha_t" - I never noticed that!

"I think I'm getting black lung, pap"

"Merman...cough cough...Mer MAN"

Sorry, I shouldn't have the TV on while blogging, I keep getting distracted. Anyway, it's so much harder trying to get housework done with two kids around. We were going to do new countertops by ourselves. We even went as far as

"are you not aware that I get all farty and bloated with a foamy latte?" far as buying the countertops and sink from Ikea (of course) and Home Depot

"What is this, a center for ants? How can we be expected to teach children how to read, if they can't fit inside the building!...The center has to be at least, three times bigger than this!?"

But time is running short, and we decided maybe we should do new granite countertops instead of laminate...especially in this tough market, we need this house to sell! So instead of spending a couple hundred bucks we're spending almost a couple thousand! ...for something we'll enjoy for a few months. Yay!

"So must you become Derelicte"

We're going to take out the countertops ourselves and do our own plumbing...wish us luck!

"Keep pulling the sweater, eventually, the whole thing will unravel"

Yes, seven years later, I still heart Zoolander.

Pictures to follow.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Well, who'd a thunk?

Well, I guess an old post I did back in Oct 2006 is getting some attention lately. It was of a glass etching on a mirror of the Nativity scene that I did to teach a class at my ward's Super Saturday. It was featured on and I got the tipjunkie award for it too. Way to go me!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

We never got around to making our gingerbread house for Christmas... so why not for Valentines? I'm very impressed by Evan's steady hand and concentration while we were working on our house. He can be such a rowdy and wreckloose kid around the house, this was a pleasant surprise.
Happy Valentine's Day!
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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How cool is this?!

So you're in your fav resturant and this guy comes up to you and askes if you've got kids. You say "yes" and he hands you a blank check and tells you to write it for any amount. You humor him, and write $100,000, then he signs the check and says "I'm good for it". And only askes that you use the money for a house and name your next child after him.
Sound like a movie line? Nope, it's real. Read more here on ABC News.
With the real estate market at what it is now, the next time I'm handed a blank check, I'll be sure to write a much larger amount!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Too Good to Be True?

Evan woke up this morning, ran into our bedroom, and crawled in between us in the bed, just like any other day. He usually waits until I get out of bed to "wake up" (he'll either check to see if my eyes are open or poke me to see if I'm awake/alive). This time, Careese was crying frantically so I either went over to help her calm down or Bev fed her and then I took over for the calming down part. Nonetheless, we lost track of Evan, he ran out of our bedroom and closed the door. As soon as Careese is calmed and back in the crib, I ask Bev where Evan is, open the door, hear nothing but a little humming boy. Usually this isn't good. But I see the shadow of the light on in the bathroom...I walk that direction, and see a little Evan, sitting on the potty, doing his business! You know what this means?

-realized he needed to poop
-turned on the light in the bathroom
-took off his own pants
-took off his own diapers (not pull ups, the usual ones)
(next one's kind of gross, but pretty amazing for you baby poopoo fans)
-cleaned out his own diaper by dumping what already came out into the toilet!
-folded the diaper up, ready to be thrown away
-either put the toilet ring down or pulled the toilet ring up
-stuck the potty on top of the toilet
-stepped up onto the toilet
-conducted his business on his own

Bev and I were so proud of our little Evan today.

I guess since the Sonics have won four of their last five games (including tonight against the Kings), ANYTHING is possible...

Maybe one day we will all be healthy and without sickness. In the meantime, we're just getting over the flu, possible sinus and ear infections, sore throats, coughs, and runny noses. 'Tis the season!

Another funny Evan-ism today: Our friend Danielle was over at our place today, and close to the end, we asked Evan if he wanted to go home with her, he said "yeah". Asked him a few other questions, and then he ran off to do his thing. About five minutes later, he came back, a little more serious this time, and said "Evan wants to stay home...Evan needs to stay here." Funny. He actually put some thought into the questions we asked. We were hoping he'd maintain his "yeah" answer so we can get some peace and quiet. Oh well. Maybe we'll tell him he'll never have to sleep if you go with any of our friends :)