Saturday, May 24, 2008

Last trip before the big move


It was a pretty laid back trip to Seattle. Just hanging out with family and friends. There's one trauma...
We brought our Wii with us to Seattle, and it was sitting on the kitchen counter, where we thought it was safe. Evan asked, "Daddy, wanna play game?" Mark says, "OK, hold on, wait for Daddy." Then I see, out of the corner of my eye, a little hand come reaching up to the counter, and then a huge crash on the ground. The Tupperware box that held the Wii and its wii-motes broke open in pieces and cords and controllers and games looking like Wii-guts were all over the floor. Evan was stunned and just stood there as we cleaned up the carnage. For the next half hour, Evan kept saying "I'm sorry, Daddy." over and over in his quiet, cutsie voice. Then my brother showed up, cause I called him to come over and play Wii with us, Evan said, "Uncle Leroy, I broke the Wii." with his head down. You can't stay mad at the kid.
It would turn on, but as soon as you put a disc in it, you hear the click of death.
I guess of all places Evan could have broke the Wii, this would be the best place since Nintendo is headquartered in Seattle. And of all times Evan could have broke the Wii, this would be the time since our warranty is up in 7 days!
Well, we took it to Nintendo and they said they'd get it repaired in 2 hours! 2 hours?! 2 hours! Wow, you can't find customer service like this anymore. Now, all is right in our Wii world.

We're home now, and we're preping for our big move to Japan. We didn't sell our home as we had planned. The market is too saturated with foreclosures for us to compete. We did find renters, so at least we're ok for a year. Thanks for helping us get the word out!
I can't believe we're moving to Japan. Its been talk for so long that now that its really happening, it feels surreal. I've got mixed feelings about the move. When we first moved to DC, I kept feeling like we're just gonna be here for a year or two and move back to Seattle. But now we've been here almost 5 yrs and its a little hard to leave. We get comfortable and we have everything just right our house, we had our kids here and have memories here, we have friends, and we haven't seen everything we wanted to see on the East. Oh well, I guess its more reasons for us to come back to the East later.

Back to packing and sorting... How did we accumulate so much in 5 yrs?

she's growing up too fast...

She's already moving on to solid foods

She just started pulling herself into standing yesterday. And she doesn't even really crawl yet! I really hope she doesn't skip crawling.

I don't know why, but lately Evan always wants to dogpile her. Poor girl. And he will pick her up and carry her around the house without me knowing.

Most of the time he manages to.
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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Just call me, Master

Yea! Mark's done with his Masters from Johns Hopkins! He's completly done with his capstone project, and is just waiting to get his last paper graded. It was one beast of a paper to proofread, too. He presented his capstone to the clients on Tuesday, and has been playing MarioKart on the Wii ever since. OK not 'everyday'. But it is nice to not have class and homework looming overhead. And its nice to not have to plan vacations and things I need to do around his class schedule anymore and no more driving an hour and a half to get to class in Baltimore.
Way to go Mark, I'm proud of you!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Swimming with guests, and eating with guests, and drawing with guests

Lots of people swinging by Casa de Bevmark this week. Jerin was in town for his usual meetings, but its always great to catch up and fun to go swimming at the hotel he's staying at. Andrew and Liew and Andersen came up for the weekend for one last horrah before we move. Lots of lobster were lost for the cause. And Ben was in town for a night, and Evan was so happy to have a drawing buddy.

swimming and guests

** BTW, announcing another price drop in our home, down to $325,000. We're gonna have to sell it at what we bought it 4 yrs ago. We're getting down to the line here so we gotta do what we gotta do. please pass the word along! :) **