Thursday, January 31, 2008

Yay! I'm an Uncle!


David & Alexis had a baby girl, Charlotte, born this morning. I'm an uncle! Finally, a baby I can play with and give back whenever I feel :)

Edit: Wow, Sonics won again! Two times in a row, against contenders? Oh, Lebron was out. No wonder. But hey, that's still quite a feat. Maybe if we keep posting, the Sonics will keep winning!

Pomelo Boy and Taste of Bethesda

Taste of Bethesda

Totally forgot about this group of pictures until I went blog surfing. David and Alexis actually took these, and I mooched a copy way back then, but never managed to get them online. These pictures of Pomelo Boy and Taste of Bethesda need to get out to the public :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chilis and Applebees

After dropping off a trunkload of clothes and computer parts to Goodwill (finally!), we decided to take a detour to Costco before heading home to return Careese's diapers.

Tangent--Huggies diapers seem to be questionable in quality sometimes. One time we had an entire bag that was cut weirdly so every poop Evan had (this was back in the formula day) went straight up his back or leaked like no other. Another bag had bugs in it. In this last batch, the little sticky velcro parts that keep the diaper together were attached too low on the diaper so it was as if we were putting a "1" diaper on Careese with an extension to make it look like a "2"--it was supposed to be a "2".

Another tangent--When you ask Evan how old he is, he says "Evan is "4" and Careese is "1". Please note, this refers to diaper size. I'm sure Evan will say Careese is "2" now.

Ok back to the story. So as we turned in on Sudley Manor, Evan saw a big Chili outside and shouted "Applebees" in the clearest, unmistakable voice. We were pleasantly surprised.

Then during an American Idol commercial, the "Wanda Sykes" voice came on and I asked Evan what commercial that was for and he said "Chilis"...

Obviously someone has restaurant dyslexia.

Speaking of dyslexia, Evan is a sign reader--Although, everything he reads is backwards, and we can't seem to get him to read things the right way. Maybe that will be good for when we try to teach Evan Chinese or Japanese...or Farsi.

He's really good at it too.

Some of his latest:



We've also figured Careese's on-off button. Life is so much better now that we've got that knocked down. Now if only Bev and Evan can stay away from getting sick. Problem: We have twelve kids in our Nursery and many parents are dropping off their sick kids. Last Sunday, we had three runny noses in our class--none of them ours. Now the three of us (sans Careese) have runny noses. I think it's time to send out a friendly reminder to keep your kids with you if they're sick...otherwise we'll just be sick...well, at least until June.

Edit: So I wanted to "update" the blog...ended up having to overhaul it since I did some "irreversible" things to it. Good thing I have mad skills...oh well, we've been wanting a new design for a while now anyway! Comments, suggestions, complaints, derogatory remarks?

Wow. No way.

Sonics won against the Spurs last night. I watched it over ESPN Gamecast, with updates every few seconds, including an animated ball and description of whether it missed or made it. Didn't think they'd win at all this month, since their last two for the month included the Spurs and the Cavs.

...Guess I owe you a post.

Sonics are also going to another type of court. So ridiculous...think whiny kid: "The M's got a new stadium, Hawks got one too, what about us?" Wah. Can I have one too?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'll Post the Next Time the Sonics Win

Sorry for the long drought of posts. We're usually the murmurers of others who slack on their blogs, but we have been a little swamped with sickness, trips, and narcolepsy. :)

So next formal post will happen once the Sonics win a game. (As I type, they are currently behind 48/54 vs. Kings)

Just a quick summary, though, in case they DO win today: Got back from a nice two-week siesta in Seattle. Few days later Mark went out on his annual hajj to St. Louis, only to come home early (didn't even get the ceremonial White Castle trip in...blargh!) and help Beverly out with the kids, who came down with RSV. It was harder for Careese because she's barely two months, so the pediatrician couldn't do any tests on her. Beverly ended up taking her to the ER, and in running around all day without food, sleep, she overextended/overexhausted herself and (at least from Mark's perspective) seemed pretty close to meltdown. Luckily we have a wonderful church ward who stepped in and drove Bev, Careese, and the car home from the hospital, gave them a blessing, took Evan and cared for him for the afternoon and overnight, brought over meals, and continually checked up on Bev to make sure she is not only okay, but back on her feet and running again. It was a testimony builder to see all the "programs" of the church work together to help us out. If you haven't witnessed it yet, well, I wouldn't say I highly recommend getting your newborn really sick and see what happens, but if you find yourself in critical need of assistance, call on someone in the church and see what happens. Charity's pretty cool, to say the least.

I also have other news, but I'll save that for the day the Sonics win a game...or when the writers' strike ends. I need my Office, 24, Heroes, and NCIS back! ...At least LOST is back this Thursday.

More to follow.

Edit: This is the latest headline from the Seattle Times website with respect to the Sonics:

"The [inaugural] Sonics [team] finished eight games better than the expansion San Diego Rockets in 1967-68, but their 23-59 record has stood for four decades as the worst in franchise history. It could be threatened this season."

Ha! Well, so far they're 9-34. We'll see, huh? The Heat finally got out of their 15-game losing streak with a win...Sonics are at 13.

Edit 2: Just got word that President Hinckley passed away earlier tonight. Such sad news, but he does leave a great legacy behind him. Not to mention all the temples he managed to build up--124. Before him, there was 50! Deseret News (but all us Marmans are hitting that one, so here's another: KUTV