Monday, March 20, 2006

Love the first day of spring!

A glance out to our deck brought a smile to my face. I have 2 planters that I try to plant things in that the squrrials won't get to. But those squrrials will eat anything! So imagine my delight to see little pansies that growing there. I've never planted them there. Do pansies spread their seeds by air? I never would have thought about planting pansies, just because their name seems to sound just that, whimpy. But they have proved me wrong. After many nights of freezing soil and rainless days, these little purple faces smiled back at me saying, "ain't nobody gonna hold me down, oh no, I gotta keep on growin..."
Our white cherry blossom tree out front is in full bloom too. What a sight for the eyes, what an irritant for Mark's nose.
There's two things I'm looking forward to now. The National Cherry Blossom Festival, March 25th - April 9. I'm especially looking forward to the kite festival, kimono exhibits, and Japanese art all over the smithsonian museums. I'm so spoiled with free museums here. When we made it to NY a couple years ago, we were standing in the world famous Guggenheim but I couldn't bring myself to pay to go in! yeah, it's that bad.

My friend Julie and I went to a diaperfree baby support group today. I like to see what I can find just linking off other people's sites, cause you never know what you'll find. I found this I would have never thought there's people out there that would 'potty train' from birth. So I wanted to see it for myself. There's a lady there that had started training her son since birth. I didn't see what his cue was, but she knew that he needed to go. So she pulled out a portable potty, pulled his pants off, sat him on it, and he went! I think he was a few months older than Evan. I think it was amazing, but I don't think I have it in me to put a newborn on the potty every 15 mins. It's enough to breastfeed every hour or so. I was most taken back to see how it didn't bother her to do all that in a public library!
Julie and I agreed its a good thing to start early to build communication with our little son's and their elimination needs. But we wouldn't take it that far.
Oh well, it was educational and it satisfied my curiosity!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

can't think of cool title...

I've been working on a real long blog entry for a while now to catch up on the past 3 months... but I don't have the motivation anymore to finish it. Story of my life? ;) I'll just print it and journal it.

So here is the really super very condensed version:

*christmas eve, hotpot dinner & DC temple chirstmas lights with Jimmi, Mita, & Matt. no matter what Jimmi says, don't play boggle with her.
*bought PS2 for Christmas, finally. wanted one since we were dating. hooked on eyetoy, karaoke revolution, and old SEGA sonic games (I actually kick mark's trash too!)

*flew back to seattle the day after christmas. evan's t-shirt says "I survived my 4th flight and I'm not even collecting skymiles?!"
*new years eve at salty's seafood buffet. chocolate dipped lobster omelet on fresh oyster creme brule anyone?
*new years day evan gets his baby blessing. mark did a great job. thanks for everyone that was able to attend! it meant a lot!

*evan gets paparazzi session with 'uncle B'. another DVD of pics to add to the growing mountain.
*hung out with old HS buddies and realized how old we really are.
*fly back with evan by myself again. my t-shirt says "I survived my 4th flight, breastfeeding next to another male stranger"
*evan vows never to take pacifier ever again, his parents lose crutch and fall flat on face.
*drive to philly for real cheese steak, to be ghetto-cated, look for nicholas cage's magic masonic glasses, take pics of cute paige, and have cantonese class of 2000 reunion with Andrew Liew Lynn CC & Ben
*drive to richmond, for chinese new year with the tangs. good food good friends but forgot the mahjong at home. we bring bad omen. ;)
*snow! evan takes nap in snow, mark makes igloo of snow, lucy & evan eat snow, we all sled in snow, evan things know is overrated.
*phone call @ 2am. mark's dad falls ill and is in the OR for benign brain tumor. fly to seattle. evan #5 flight. thought father would have to relearn walking and talking, but makes miraculous recovery, 2 days, no side effects, and is better than before!

*spend time with evan's aunt ariel and uncle eric.
*how to surprise my family: 1)place sleeping evan in car seat on doorstep. 2)place video camera in evan's lap 3)ring doorbell & run!
*sister Juliana flew back with us to VA for 5 days. visited alexandria (old town), georgetown, elizabeth town, and art museums town. no one makes evan laugh like juli can. I miss her.
*evan learns to self feed gerber puffs, and now self feeds lint, dirt, hair, and "oh no" lucy presents!!! *insert dry heave here*

Well, that's the most I could simplify...

now to quickly rant what's on my mind right now:

4 times in the last few months I've be mistaken for being younger than I really am. Granted, I know I do look young, but now it's too young!

1)knock on door, gal about my age says "hi is your mother home?" you might as well turn around and walk away, I'm definatly not donating to your cause.

2)airport security line, lady checking ID, check my little sister's ID, check my ID, check mark's ID, looks at him pushing stroller, asks "where's the mother?", mark points to me standing in front of stroller. She obviously didn't look at my ID either.

3)going to resturant to meet old co-workers, mark walks in pushing stroller, I walk in carrying evan, I get carded (asked for ID) and mark doesn't?! They say it's a compliment. So you're saying I look like mark's kid sister carrying our baby brother?!

4)this one takes the cake. alexandria, expensive french botique, over protective french lady stands guard opening door, juliana walks in, I walk in pushing stroller, french lady asks "where's the mother?", "I am", "Oh, you look so young! how old are you?", I'm thinking "who are you?!" I say "26", french lady says "I think you look 15". Exit stage right.
come on, I don't even look old enough to drive?! honestly, do strangers look at me and say "tsk tsk, another young teen has thrown it all away"?!
yeah, yeah, I know "you'll be grateful when you're 40."

Friday, March 03, 2006

Celebrate 8 Months with a Buzz!

Evan turns 8 months today (Sorry Brian, he still ain't walking yet. We've tried, I promise.), so since I was getting my haircut, we decided to finally give Evan his first official haircut as well. Up till today, we've only trimmed around his ears and back of the head to avoid the super mullet (remember when he was born he came w/a free mini-mullet). Now with this haircut he's not a little baby anymore!! It's like Sampson losing his powers, only Evan looks so much older now, so empowered!

Here are some before and after shots. Please ignore the fat rolls. :(