Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Jack Bauer's longest 5th day of his life

Ok so I've been surfing online lately for a thingy that I saw when I was a kid. I didn't know the name of it but I figure if I googled "water painting zen board" maybe I'd find someone selling one. It's this board with special paper that where you paint on it with water it turns black, like chinese calligraphy. Then as the water evaporates so does what ever you painted.
[Google search] click!
It's funny the things you pull up in google searches... I pulled this up...
Its about time someone put this together... I love how Jack seems to avoid LA traffic. And how does this guy know where CTU is located? Did I miss that episode?

btw, I found one for $24.95 at *hint, hint, Mark*

Monday, January 16, 2006

Guess Who's Cookin'! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Man Behind the Lens.

Evan giving feedback to Uncle Brian the Paparazzi Man after a long photoshoot. Evan's photo album literally doubled in size while we were in Seattle, thanks to Brian, who takes the best pictures of everything! Evan's grown accustomed to flashes, large lenses, close-up shots, and holding poses...and now even large TV videocameras!

Can't Get Enough of Evan!

Laugh-a-Lot Evan

Evan gets all hysterical, more deliriously happy as it gets closer (past) his bedtime. He wouldn't stop laughing at stupid sounds daddy was making!

Evan the Poker Face

Evan the Schemer


Evan the Hacker

Evan was all over Rose's computer at Christmas time. He kept picking off the keys of the keyboard, closing programs, and restarting the computer. The side of the screen is nice and drooly, and so are the computer cords...time to baby proof! I'm going to have to find a keyboard and mouse from the basement so he has his own keyboard to hack.

Evan the Blogger

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Evan the Crawler

Here's our little crawler over Christmas time! More pictures to follow.

Well, it's just me and Lucy back in Virginia while Beverly and Evan are partying in the rain in Seattle. I was bumped into first class on my red-eye flight from Seattle to Dulles because of my 1K status on United (woohoo!). While it was great to have a few more inches of butt-room and legroom, having first class on a redeye flight is like driving a Lexus in Walmart. Still can't complain, though. They give you a nice hot towel to "wash up" before landing like the international flights do (well, the Chinese airlines, at least). I took a sleeping pill because I haven't been able to sleep on the last few redeye flights, and it worked OKAY. I wouldn't recommend doing it if you need to go to work right after, though. Those pills last about 8-10 hours, and the flight was 4 you can guess what I did at work!!!

Thanks to Brian, we have over 4GB of photos that he took of Evan over post-Christmas to New Years time to go through and choose for posting, so it may take a while! But we'll post as we go, for you EMFs (Evan Man Fans).