Saturday, May 27, 2006

That Hansel. He's soo hot right now!

So there's one thing Evan *might* not like about being around a bunch of relatives: dress-up.

Monday, May 22, 2006


So I pressed the wrong button on my TV tuner this morning--I guess the power button is to turn off the computer instead of the TV tuner program, which is another user interface problem--and it says I am "shutdowning". What is that? Read the whole sentence: "Shutdowning, left 4 secs, click"! I guess this is the price we pay when we outsource!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Mystery Solved

Thank you! What is the relationship between my son Evan and my cousin Su called? First cousins once removed. Wanna find out more?

Chart relationships
  • My sibling has the same parents as I do (NOTE:--- half-siblings share only one parent --- step-siblings share no biological parent)
  • The child of my sibling is my nephew/niece and I am his/her uncle/aunt
  • The grandchild of my sibling is my grand nephew/niece and I am his/her grand uncle/aunt
  • The great grandchild of my sibling is my great grand nephew/niece and I am his/her great grand uncle/aunt
  • If our parents are siblings we are first cousins, and have the same grandparents
  • If our grandparents are siblings we are second cousins and have the same great grandparents
  • If our great grandparents are siblings we are third cousins and have the same great-great grandparents
  • My first cousin's child and I are first cousins once removed to each other (one generation difference between us)
  • My first cousin's grandchild and I are first cousins twice removed to each other (two generations difference between us)

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Happy Birfday Mark!

8am: Mark wakes up to the doorbell. He must have been dreaming about aliens cause he thought our doorbell was chimeing the theme from "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".
Nope, just the FedEx guy. With a Lobster Gram!! Mark's sister Rose sent it for his birthday. It was a perfect way to celebrate; a gourmet meal, comforts of home, and Evan is free to scream and crawl his heart out!
What is Lobster Gram? We didn't know until yesterday. They send overnight a box of 4 live Maine lobster with all the utensils you need, lobster bibs, candle in a glass holder for ambiance, butter dish with a candle under it to keep butter melted, lemon, detailed instructions as to how to prepare and handle your lobster, and they even threw in blueberry pie for dessert (literally). I don't think I've ever seen a lobster live and up close before, because they are the most ugly crustaceans ever! They look like giant spiders! I got over that pretty quickly; cause they sure are tasty little buggers!!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

April Trip to UT

With Mark's work schedule he's able to take time off at the end of every month. Great! So this past month was our annual mecca to the mormon 'holyland'. :)
Even better was that we were able to stay with the Yu's and meet their newest additions, Taisei and Hiro. And what a cute pair they are. I think Evan enjoyed playing with a dog thats more tolerant of his type of play. And he learned that a bigger dog means a bigger tongue to lick his face with.
We visited
* my old roomate Kim and her new daughter Anya.
* the Watabe's
* the Tengs
* old friend Lane
* our old Asian ward
* cousin Su
* the Hong's and their baby boy Caden
* and of course lots of time with Evan's uncle Leroy

... out of time for now. I will post pics as soon as the E man goes to bed. ;)

Evan and Lucy at Play

Evan loves to play tug-of-war with Lucy. Sock, stuffed bunny, rope toy, anything Lucy likes to chew on. Here Evan is laughing along until Lucy decides that she's had enough and walks away. Evan gets upset and tries crawling after Lucy, and even tries whimpering like Lucy to get her to play! Poor Evan.
Somedays I worry that Evan thinks he's a dog like Lucy, because he's had no desire to try walking on his own. ;)
*ignore the dramatic music playing in the background... I think we were watching ER.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Happy Ten Months, Little Man.

Oh, how you've grown! Ten months goes by so quickly. At the beginning 10 months seemed like an eternity. You don't even seem like a baby anymore.
You make me so happy with your MANY silly faces and things you say.
You are so loved. "Mum" Posted by Picasa