Friday, June 23, 2006

Never Lose Track of Baby Again!

Evan on house arrest with an ankle braclet after being caught doing some insider trading.

What's this on Evan's ankle you ask? No, its not me being silly and putting a watch on Evan's leg. Though it does have the time 5:00 permentantly affixed to its face, it's actaully an "actigraph", much like a pedometer. The actigraph tracks Evan's movents and activity levels while he wears it over a weeks time. At the same time I'm charting when he is in motion that is controlled by an outside force, i.e. when he is in a vehicle or when I'm carrying him. For the next two weeks I am also tracking his sleep patterns. How long he sleeps, how he's put to sleep, how long it takes hime to fall asleep, etc. And this evening and tomorrow evening Evan is being filmed while he sleeps at night. There's a video camera set up over his crib that takes a time laps video (compresses an nights sleep into a 1/2 hour video) of how he sleeps at night. Pretty cool stuff!
What is all this research and experimentation for? If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll remember an old post about Evan being part of a study put on by George Washington University called the "Parent-Child Health Project" about how depression, anxiety disorders, and other mental health disorders are pass on from one generation to the next. A lot of the information they've gathered are about how Evan responds to certain items or sounds, what skills he's developed and when. And now this new one over his activity levels and sleep. They even interviewed Mark and I about our history, fears, and levels of anxiety we feel in our fears.
Well, anyway, its been great to be apart of the study and to see Evan be so cooperative with a watch on his ankle for a week.

BTW, so this is my *real* haircut...the last one was Photoshopped to see what I would look like w/short hair. Glad you guys liked it! I decided at the last min to highlight my hair too, but instead of brown it looks more red. Oh well. I got it cut at a place in Edmonds, WA called HK Hair Center next to Ranch 99. What do you think, do I look like a fob? hahaha

Why the sudden hair change? I needed something new, and it was Lynns doing. She had this link on her blog. Thanks Lynn, I spent way too much time there.

Glad I got a picture of it, cause I'll never get it to look the way the salon styled it again!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

New Kid on the Block

So after an hour of running around looking for the Tang family in the wrong hospital (who puts hospitals within five miles of each other, anyway?), compounded by the fact that I had run out of batteries on my cell phone (so I couldn't call them, and they thought I had died), I was finally able to see Liew and Andrew's new addition to their family: Andersen. Such a cute little man, Evan's going to have so much fun with him! For more pictures and details, click on Liew and Andrew's Blog on the right!


As I sit here alone in Andrew and Liew's apartment, eagerly awaiting the arrival of their newborn baby, I take a walk down memory lane, trying to remember what the first day of Evan was like. Going through the pictures we posted, I came upon a picture of Evan when he was barely five minutes old. As Evan approaches his first birthday, it is amazing to look back at all the pictures and see all the physical changes, all the growth, it seems like everyday he learns something new. The amazing thing is, his personality is unchanged since day one. He's always been impatient when it comes to food, he's always been a happy baby, he's always grouchy if he doesn't get enough sleep (I know, it seems to contradict the last trait, but those of you who have been around him know, somehow both traits can coexist), he's always been so good with animals (Thanks, Lucy!), always so inquisitive, always curious about his surroundings, always determined -- determined to rollover, determined to crawl, now almost in standing/walking stage. These traits weren't as apparent early on, but still noticeable, and as he grows, they become more clear. This miracle of life is such an amazing thing.

Each of us are such unique individuals from the first day we are born, and make a difference in each others' lives from day one. Evan has been such a blessing in my life. It is such a treat to come home from work to a little boy who, as soon as he sees you, his eyes light up, gets all excited, and crawls, walks, does whatever it takes to get to you. With Beverly and Evan in Seattle and LA with her relatives, it has been fun to hear Evan get used to hearing Daddy talk to him over the phone. He's becoming more and more chatty. On Friday, he even managed to get a hold of Mommy's phone and somehow called me up and talked for a little bit before hanging up. Bev still has no idea how or when he did it! Anyway, I'm excited for Andrew and Liew...they're going to be a family soon!

The Sleepy Man

Getting the E-man ready for church is super easy when he's tired, I discovered. He didn't move one bit. Probably could have given him a bath, haircut, nail grooming, detail, wax, shine--and he still would have been sitting there!

It's too bad he didn't stay asleep through church. He was cranky the rest of the day because we woke him up from his little beauty sleep.

Notice how the man sleeps--with his legs crossed. Definitely passed down from his mother!

The shoes stay on longer when he's asleep. As soon as he's awake, he always finds some way to kick them off. Those shoes are pretty useless until he can stand and walk. And he's close. *Gasp*

Sunday, June 04, 2006

new do?

_ thumbs up?
_ thumbs down?
_ its just hair!
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happy three years!

I can't believe how time flies when you're having fun!

I love you, hp!

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