Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hehe Lucy why you hiding? Silly Lucy. Posted by Hello
Another picture of the backyard. I barked all the way around the fence. The weeds will probably grow back, but hey, it looks good for the time being! Plus, nothing a little Roundup can't resolve! Posted by Hello
My Saturday project! Took all day Saturday, thank goodness it wasn't as humid and hot as it is today! The grass next to the fence kept growing too long because I could never get it with a lawnmower. Usually I just look away, thinking the stereotype, "we're Asian, we're supposed to have nasty looking lawns! At least it's not all dirt!!!" But I couldn't stand it anymore, so I bought some pine bark mulch and spent all day pulling weeds, grass, and barking! I was soooo sore afterwards, felt like I ran a marathon. But it looks so good now. Posted by Hello
Lucy as herself. Especially this week! At night, we're starting to make her sleep in her basket, but she'll try to sneak back up into our bed. She'll try to come in on Mark's side because he's a softie, but then Bev throws her back in the basket. Takes all night!!! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Our major purchase for baby Chang! Big thanks goes out to Beverly's co-workers for the gift card to Target! Reality is really setting in now!

Lucy approves, "two paws up!"

Who loves toilet paper? Lucy loves toilet paper! Is it true? "I do, I do, I Do-ooo!" *

(*$5 to anyone that know's where this title was derived from!)
Lucy retaliating against being locked up in the bathroom while we were at work. We're not sure what her facination with TP is, but she loves to play with it.
Here you can see how her front leg is shaved so she looks really skinny. That's where the vet had to shave her to get IV's in her when she was sick. I hope it will grow back soon cause she looks like a dog with toothpicks for front legs.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Well, Ok. Maybe I should post as well.

Well, now since Andrew has proven his alive-ness with his cookie-cutter days, I guess I should give an update on "what's Mark doing these days?" Now that I'm done learning more Chinese, and Bev's done with work, I take the VRE train into work every day. It's very very very nice, the seats are cushy and definitely beats 1 hour on the Metro and 1/2 hour on the Bus. Plus when I go to the station and on the way home, I am going opposite traffic! So altogether, it takes about 1 hour to get home. To you non-DCers, you're probably thinking...1 hour?!? Are you crazy? Trust me, 1 hour is good. Especially because it's ALWAYS going to be an hour, regardless of how bad traffic is...well, I guess if a train derails, there might be some delays.

That gives me plenty of time to finally study for the GRE. Yes, I want to go back through school. What am I going to study? Who knows? I guess I should figure that out sometime. But I'm making myself study and get the GRE done with, because I promised myself I that I would not pick up Alias Season 3 until I do so. Good incentive, huh? Good enough for me.

The other day I picked up a computer from the garbage...no I didn't go dumpster diving, I didn't even dig through a garbage can. There was a computer sitting out on the curb on garbage day sitting next to garbage bags (it wasn't even touching garbage!), so I thought I'd stick that in the trunk before heading off to work. Bev thinks I'm a ding-dong, but I thought, what if it works? And it does!! DANG I should have picked up a monitor too, but I thought for sure those were dead. I guess not. Oh well. So it's a P3-500 w/128mb RAM, but I added 256mb to it from another old salvaged computer, so now it has 384mb, a 6gb hard drive and cd-rom. The best part: I finally got Warcraft 2 to work!!! It's an old game that I was consumed in during the latter part of my high school career and Freshman year at BYU. Those of you who know the game know what I mean. Oh baby. The nostalgia. Bev just rolls her eyes at me. We now have six computers (if you count the Mac) in our 2-person house. Nerd is my hobby.

Bev and I spent last weekend setting up the baby room. Our little boy has so many clothes, he could probably wear a different one-sie every day for about a month (provided he never spits up and explodes out of his diapers---hahaha yeah right). In a few more weeks, I'll be an official dad. I guess it finally hit me while setting up his room, how much less I will be thinking of what I want to do for myself (if that made any sense)...even with little Lucy our puppy, we're always thinking, has she pooped/peed, eaten/slept, etc etc. So few more weeks of preparation and then...showtime! "Are you ready?" Beverly asks me. Well. I'm ready to take on the responsibility. Do I know what it all entails? Well, all I know is it's going to take a lot of patience, laughing at myself, humility, and love. And Turkey Hill ice cream. MMMMMMMMMMMMM I think I'll eat some right now. Till next time.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Happy Birthday Juliana!

That was the best apple pie at Cucina Cucina.
Juliana's friends got her a Homer Simpson radio. He's a little freaky cause you twist his eyes to adjust volume and tuning.

I did it! I finished my quilt! It was harder than I thought to sew the trim and the backing. Oh well, I'll know better for next time.
Aloha print patches: $5
Batting, trim, & backing: $11
Time spent: Enough for another YW medallion
Having the coolest quilt in the world ready for baby: priceless

Just plain wrong

I can't believe they're allowed to serve boogers for dessert! Green bean soup shouldn't jiggle and dribble when you eat it!

Best baseball seats I've ever sat in! Third row ground level behind 1st base! Ichiro is a lot shorter in real life than I thought.  Posted by Hello

Lucy on Alki Beach in Seattle

Memorial Day - Lucy at Alki beach in Seattle. It was her first time being around sand, so she took one big lick of it. "Yuck, Lucy!"
Her plane ticket out to Seattle cost a few more dollars than our own, and she didn't even get a seat!