Sunday, February 27, 2005

David, just home from his mission in Hong Kong, and family. Posted by Hello
Mark cutting Grandpa's birthday cake...cake says "Happy Birthday Dad"...but it wasn't my birthday...and I'm not a dad *yet* Posted by Hello
Chang Family Gathering at the best French cafe in Dallas (although Grandpa didn't say so, if he was there, he would have said that!) Posted by Hello
Chang Family at another one of the best Chinese Food places in Dallas! Posted by Hello
Linda and Mark at Papasitos--"The best Mexican food in Dallas" according to Grandpa Posted by Hello

Thursday, February 24, 2005

I'm not too sure what Mark is trying to look for... Posted by Hello

Again I don't know what Mark is trying to look for... Posted by Hello

Nice longhorn. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Do not lick this blog, you just might get sick.

I knew something was up yesterday when my cough came back. Dave said, "uh oh, are you getting sick?" and I said "oh, no its just a cough I've had forever." I should have seen it coming. There's a 'bug' going around my office and I KNOW the air in there is probably no better than the air on an airplane. It's all recycled!

I just typed up this huge blog entry and it all disappeared on me... I hate that! I'll just be brief on what little memory I have left from being pregnant.

I've been reading a book called "The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy... Or what your doctor won't tell you" It's got some good insight from pregnant mothers' view of things, though I don't totally agree with everything in it. I've just come to the part about labor and birth, and the reality is REALLY setting in. My friend Mary said after she watched the live birth video, "That's the ONLY way this baby is going to come out?!" It makes me think I'm only going to have one kid.

However, my friend Mary also said, "Once its all over and you're holding your baby, you forget every experience from the last 9 months. And you want to have more kids!" I hope she's right.

These days I watch other people raise their children and I think "Man, there are some people that SHOULDN'T be allowed to procreate! These kids are going to be so messed up! I need to raise my 'Army of Helaman' to counter-balance that."

So, you'll probably still hear my 'I don't like pregnancy' compaints and fears when I'm pregnant with my 12th Helaman.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Our Little Beanie Baby is an "It" No More

The highly antisipated revealing of our baby's gender has finally come! I know you all have been on the edge of your seats for quite sometime now...
Ok, so you don't really care all that much, but you're just interested to know... I know as soon as I say what It is, you'll start the flood of emails asking what will we name It. And I will answer you now, "I don't know? Look at the cute blobs on the ultrasounds, and tell me what do you think It looks like?"

Click on ultrasound to see more pics!

What a cute little boy he will be! If you couldn't tell by the picture above that he's a boy, I would reconsider your decision to be a radiologist. I'm just kidding, you can't see any "identifiable features" in this picture. For the faint of heart, I've placed that picture with the others in the picture link above. But to tell you the truth, I didn't know what I was looking at until the technician pointed it out to me. So, the FCC got nothing on me. ;)

The only notable thing about the whole experiance today was that at one point the little guy didn't want to move into a better position for the technician to examine him. So, what does the technician do? She uses the "microphone" and pokes ME with it to make the baby move. I think the little guy is stubborn like me and doesn't like to be pushed into doing what others want, and he didn't move. Then the technician says, "hang on" and tilts the machinized table, as I'm lying on it, back so my feet were higher than my head. I guess altering gravity a bit isn't so pleasant for baby and he was in a better position to strike a pose.

As far as names go, I think it may come down to seeing what he looks like in person to really know what he should be named. But, your suggestions are welcomed in my comment box. Maybe we'll give a prize to the winner too!

Monday, February 14, 2005

Oh the commercialism! St. Valentines would be proud!

I for one don't really like how commercialized the hollidays get, but I for one also won't stop someone from buying me stuff. :) (jk, I swear I'm the most frugal person you've ever met)

Meet my new friend, Zeiss, Carl Zeiss. I think he's from Germany, but don't tell him he's really made in China.
There's so many cameras to choose from these days, how does one choose? My biggest selling point: lense and filter attachments! whoo hoo! ok I'm a dork. I know.
When I grow up I want to take pictures like our friend Brian. He's so good. We should have hired him for our wedding pics.
It sucks that Valentines is on a Monday this year. Can't do much. I came home late from work, helped Mark with our stuffed salmon dinner, and played online and with Carl while Mark was glued to Jack Bauer on 24. It's a highly addictive show... so I limit myself on how involved I get.
Since Mark had already given me a Valentine's surprise early, I had to try to match his efforts. I went out on Sat while he was home studying for a Cambodian test, to pick up a pizza for missionaries at Costco (I know more info than you need)... and bought him season one of MacGyver on DVD. And I hid it under the passanger seat in the car. After work today I made him a card out of those little tiny post-it notes (my most creative card yet!) and wrote a poem on them and the last post-it asked him if MacGyver was under my seat or his? He chose correctly. I've never seen anyone get SO excited over MacGyver. Honestly, I think the show was a load of crock, but for Mark he's an example of how to live your life... "figuring your way out of an abandoned mine shaft with only bubble gum, 2 ft of string, and lipstick from the girl you're saving" Can you handle it?!
Overall, I think Valentines was low key, but enjoyable. Besides, we're going on another trip this weekend! This time to Dallas, Texas. (sing with me, "All my ex's live in Texas...")
Oh yeah, and the most exciting thing... we're gonna find out if we're gonna have to buy pink or blue tomorrow!
Stay tuned...

Monday, February 07, 2005

Disco sheep - My parents came back from picking my brother up from his mission in Australia and got me a sheep with a strange twinkle in her eye. Found out she likes to party hard while we were gone in Hawaii. Posted by Hello

Friday, February 04, 2005

Happy Early Valentines Day!

Mark surprised me at work today with early 2 dozen +1 Valentine roses and a Josh Groban CD/DVD. But 10 days early?! I'm not sure what got him thinking that 10 days early was a good idea, but I that's fine by me! Mark doesn't like to do things for me when I expect it... which can be good or bad.
I remember when we were dating that he'd always try to get me gifts or flowers that weren't your average gifts but were still meaningful. Like once for a formal dance he got me a gerber daisy potted plant instead of a corsage.

I can definitely say that being married gets better everyday. Before I got married, I'd want a boyfriend to be so sweet to me and do all kinds of really nice things for me, like going to really nice restaurants, buying me big bouquets of flowers or expensive gifts, going all out to plan an afternoon together, just big stuff that made a big deal. One of my roommates got bigger and bigger bouquets of roses everyday for a week. It got to the point where she couldn't find a container big enough to hold it and started giving them away! (you know who you are) Anyway, I think I was more into the idea that someone would go to great lengths to openly show how much they cared about me and then out doing that later. Or even how many guys I've dated in a period of time, or EVEN how many guys I could get to want to kiss me in a day (hehehe that's another day's blog).

After its all said and done, and now I'm married to the most wonderful husband in the world, I think back and wished all those good things were with Mark whether we were dating or married. I know it sounds cheesy but it's so true. Old pics of my old boyfriends have been trashed or lost over our wedding photos. Old cards and letters doesn't mean more than the paper its written on. And to tell you the truth, I gave a lot of the gifts I've gotten from them away as gifts to someone else. (hehehe I'm not saying who received them!)
Anyway, that was my thought today as I was arranging my flowers and listening to Josh Groban. Life is so much sweeter with your eternal companion.