Saturday, March 26, 2005

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Long time no blog

I saw a post-it note at Target yesterday that said, "I (heart) to Blog", and thought that would be cool to get, it's only a $1! But I am not worthy of such a post-it note, since I really have been lazy and posting just pics lately. So as punishiment, I bought a $22 Fiskers paper cutter instead... "Don't question the logic"

Pregnancy Update: I feel like I wake up bigger than I went to bed. The strangest thing is that I swear I can feel him/me growing. There's not much I can do to hide the growing belly these days. Some days I want to hide it and other days I'd like to show it off... I think it comes from how annoyed I get at certain people's questions/comments. Like the dumb question I seem to get so often, "are you excited?" hmmm like I have an option to say No?
My visiting teacher said that a pregnant belly is pretty much public domain, everyone will feel free to touch. Does anyone one else see this is an intrusion of one's own body?!
My co-worker said he can't wait till I'm really huge to make fun of me... I told him "that's a hostile work environment, I don't have to take it." I'll probably plan to leave work before that happens.

Other News:
Mark spent all Friday afternoon/evening painting the upstairs 2nd bathroom a blue/purple gray. It was a bucket of 'opps' paint from Home Depot for $5. Good deal. And it turned out really nice acutally. I was thinking it would make the room smaller but it really makes the bathroom look cleaner and bigger.

We bought our first baby item from IKEA. A baby crib. Not a fancy one, but one that will do. it's white with natural wood and converts to a junior bed later. I figure the kid's gonna make a mess in it, so why spend a ton of money in a really expensive one.

We've been having an investigator of the Church over at our house lately to meet with the missionaries. It's been quite an experience for me. I've been on splits with the sisters before, but it's different when it's at your house. The investigator had a lot of concerns that I would have never thought of myself if I were in her shoes. Not that it's bad, but she's really done a lot of soul searching, which I think is great! She's coming along very well, and is doing her own missionary work too. She's shared the gospel with her boyfriend, dad, sister, mom, and aunt so far. She's even talking to her cousin lately. I feel put to shame next to her!
I think I'd like to write to the missionaries' parents to let them know how awesome of a job their sons are doing. They answer her questions with such strength and gentleness that you can just see the spirit flowing through their bones. I hope they work hard to keep that after they return to the 'real world'.
Mark and I have really come to enjoy having the elders over. We have 2 pairs in our ward and I think we have either one of them over for dinner almost every other week, and Mark goes on splits with them almost every week. I didn't have the desire to serve an offical mission myself, but I've had a greater desire to do my missionary work outside of an offical mission. It feels almost more rewarding, because you never get transfered, you're there from the beginning to watch someone grow.

Mark's giving me the "it's way past your bed time! Don't complain to me when we have to wake up at 7:00!" look.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

hello hello....HOLA!!! Welcome to a place called VERTIGO!!!

Woohoo!!! We got U2 tickets for 10/20 at MCI Center! Now we're gonna have to find a babysitter...anyone free that Thursday night?? :) More about how we got the tix later.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Wedding Album

Back by popular demand...we present to you our Wedding pictures! Featuring engagement, graduation, luau (open house), guys afternoon out, temple, reception, and (coming soon, ) tea ceremony! Click on the photo to see the album. Posted by Hello

los DC pandas

Pandas Everywhere in DC!! Posted by Hello

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Dallas Pictures!

Pictures from our Presidents' Day Dallas Trip!! Click below for more pics!
I don't want to look at longhorns, I want to PET them! Posted by Hello