Sunday, December 18, 2005

Evan's Television Debut

Well look who made it to the Sunday Morning News on CBS with Charles Osgood December 18...Starring, Evan! And Beverly! CBS was doing a story about the Mormon church being one of the fastest growing religions in the world, and a few Sundays ago, the camera crew came to our congregation and was following a family to be their storyline. I guess the cameraman couldn't resist the hand-sucking, bright-eyed, poised for stardom Evan-man, so he has a 3-second spot! Lucky Mama too!

Daddy made it on there too, but not nearly as clear and long. If you squint and look hard, you'll see me sitting next to beverly on the top (to the right (his right, your left) of the man in the white shirt). I'm just not as irresistable as the one...the only...Evan-Man!

Friday, December 16, 2005

dog bones

I knew it was going to happen sooner or later... Evan's become quite good at scooting around the room. Everytime I look at him he's in a new location. I was sitting on the couch when I looked down to see Evan sitting under the coffee table. His head just bearly clears it. I thought, "how cute! Evan just scooted towards me!" Next thing I know Evan's picked up one of Lucy's old raw hide bones and it's in his mouth faster than you can say "NASTY!!!"
Lucy leaves her 'toys' all over the house. She'll sometimes bring them over to sit next to Evan to play with. She'll even go as far as hiding her bones in his blankets. I'm surprised Evan hasn't found those yet.
Today dog bones. Tomorrow dog food.

evan's first (typed) word!

It figures that the son of computer geek parents would type his first word before actually saying one. I was watching Evan on the webcam while in class Wednesday night, he was punching away at the keyboard, and types in "/yum." Funny. I thought he actually said yum, which wouldn't surprise me since he eats so much...a true Chang!! What a funny little man.

Well Lucy had to get some airtime as well...

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Fussy Poopy Man

I know what you're thinking...awwww, isn't he just darling? Look a little closer...notice anything? He's sleeping on a bare mattress! I woke up this morning to a fussy, poopy Evan, who managed to crawl around my side of the bed and leak poop all over the bed sheet, comforter cover, and even the sleeve of my shirt! What a rude awakening, but what can I do? After he was cleaned up, he conked out! Awwww so cute!

Movin' Up!

It's amazing how quickly this little Evan man grows. I was going through the thousands of photos we have of him, and I found this one of him back in early November, I placed him on the middle of the floor, and he just laid there, content...well, for a few moments. Ok just a few seconds, long enough for me to take the picture. This was before he could fully roll over on his own, before he could do his backwards crawl, before he could roll off the bed, roll off the couch, before he could suck his bottom lip...

...and definitely before he could sit in his new high chair! He now joins us for dinner, sitting happily at the table, throwing his aminals on the ground, playing his soft piano with his chin, and getting impatient because we eat too slow! Well, it's better than tag-team dinners, where one of us eats while the other holds Evan, and switch (hopefully) before the food gets cold!!! Look at him sit there...he's like the King, throwing stuff around and hitting the table demanding attention :)

Uncle D Time!

Quality bonding time during Thanksgiving time between Uncle D and Little E.

Surprise Visitor!

Evan was pleasantly surprised Monday evening by his "Grandma" Bi-shiou, (my cousin Kevin's mom, see Kevin's blog), who was in town attending a conference in DC. She survived the cold and the snow and made it to our house all the way from Dupont Circle!

do you like?

Well, it started out as just a "comments" problem, but as I tried to do a little Operation on the code, the little red nose buzzed, and ended up having to put on a temporary template (with a little truck which I thought was cool at first, but then I thought was lame, but didn't have time to change it as I was on my way to class), and after some long hard searching, found a good template, customized it, and now it all works again. Woohoo!

Those who use newsreaders can click on the "feed me" link to subscribe to our blog. A lot of people are jumping on the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) bandwagon..and it's pretty convenient too. I can subscribe to ESPN, CNN, travel, stocks, weather, tech geek stuff, other people's blogs, podcasts, and so on, and as soon as an update is made on one of those sites, I receive the posting almost like an e-mail. Mozilla Firefox 1.5 (browser) has the feature, so does Mozilla Thunderbird (email/newsreader), and is also a really good RSS/ATOM newsreader/aggregator.

I know this sounds all geek/greek to you, but try it. You'll like it. I'll put up some more stuff about it later for those's 2AM over here and I can barely keep my eyes open! And it's NOT because I'm Chinese!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

why didn't I think about that?!

Thanks to Jerin I realized that something was up with our blog that was throwing all our comments out! So, as a bad boyfriend would say, "It's not you, it's me." ;)
Well, our comment box is under construction until I figure out what's wrong. Or you can drop us an email!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

I know you're reading

I love, it lets me know, down to the city, who is hitting out site. I haven't seen any comments lately, which would lead me to believe no one is reading the blog if I didn't have my So, what are you waiting for? comment comment comment!

What I'm listening to: Ever heard of this up and coming young crooner Michael Buble? (pronounced boob.lei hehehe) Don't you think I've forgotten about my #1 Josh Groban. But Michael is pretty happenin. Like a little lounge, big band, and jazz. I guess he's comparable to Harry Connkic Jr. I was listening to Michael's song "Home" and it put fussy Evan to sleep. Way to go Buble! I heard that song "Home" when I was pregnant and with hormones off the charts, it put me in tears. hehehe And if you know me, I'm no sap like that. I don't know if I ever fully regained hormone "normalcy", cause now sappy commercials and Oprah make me teary eyed! *sigh*

Evan's making milestones faster than I can record them. He's well on his way to crawling. Which is a bittersweet thought to me. Happy he's more independent and developing well, but sad that he's not that tiny quiet newborn anymore. I hate packing away clothes he's outgrown. Poor Evan has to put up with his mom trying to squeeze him into small clothes. hehehe
His newest thing: I lay him on his back, he'll roll to his tummy, push up with his arms, push up with his legs, gets up on all fours, pushes back and sits up smiling at me. He'll sit there for a while playing and enjoying the view then falls to his side or back. Repeat. Every time I check on him he's sitting in a new part of his play mat.

Thanksgiving was fun. Mark's sister, brother and his wife came to spend it with us. I didn't want the hassel, so I ordered a pre-cooked meal from Giant Supermarket. And acutally the pre-cooked turkey was the best turkey I've ever had! Who knew?! The side dishes were ok, I guess I could have made that... next year, get pre-cooked turkey, and make everything else. We also ended up watching the entire 1st season of Lost. I knew I shouldn't have started! It seems all normal at first but each episode gets more and more weird! Invisiable monsters that eat people, crazy french lady, the 'others' that live on the island, the hatch in the ground that leads to even more weirdness, and psyhco numbers that show up everywhere! My conclusion is that everyone was abducted on this flight by their oxygen masks and are in a group dream/nightmare, where all their fears are brought to life. I'm not going to watch anymore cause I'm gonna get sucked in to it's pointless storyline.

I've made it tradition in our home to set the Christmas tree up after Thanksgiving. Over the last 3 Christmases I've gotten more decorations for our skinny tree, and this year it's really looking great. Each ornament has a story behind it. It's like the tree looks better with age. It's beautiful! We bought a remote for our tree this year. It was a splurge, but it's the coolest thing! It looks like a key fob for keyless entry to our car but really it turns the lights on and off! hehehehe It's like anti-thieft for our tree!