Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Snapfish Deal through Modernmom.com

Here's a deal I stumbled on today when I registered at modernmom.com...
1) click on this link to get to modernmom.com's photo center powered by snapfish.
2) register as a new member
3) upload at least one photo
4) get 20 free prints, a free 4x6 flipbook, first free hi-res photo (I'm not sure what that means?), and a free photo mug.

The modernmom site also said it included free shipping, but I don't see a credit for it in my snapfish account... maybe it shows up at checkout? Anyway, it's a great gift idea for Christmas!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

When to Charge

I don't remember if it was Jerin, Andrew, or both who I was having this conversation with, but found an interesting blog entry discussing the merits of charging batteries 1) whenever you can, 2) once a day, or 3) after full discharge. It concludes that batteries should be charged whenver you can...details here.

Sorry to disappoint those who were looking for a baby update :) Ok, ok. Careese has some nice lungs. She can also poop. Doctor said for every day that the baby is alive, that is about how many diapers he/she will go through, true for the first week. Well, if we followed that, then at 2-3 days old, Careese should have actually been 20 days old.

Evan can soak through diapers in the middle of the night. He came over at about 0330 and said he was cold. I felt his pants and they had soaked all the way through, and half his shirt was wet. Went back to his bed to discover a HUGE wet spot on the blanket (good thing it wasn't on the bedsheet, because we haven't bought a mattress pad for the twin bed yet! At the same time, Careese was either looking to eat or change, or both, so Bev and I had a little party at 0330. Then I found myself competing for space with Evan, since Bev can't move with Careese by her side. Lucy, for a little while, was sleeping in her usual warm spot (my bottom or crotch, couldn't remember), that is, before she was told to go back to her kennel. By 0600 I was wide awake, and figured, guess it's time for work.

Actually made it to work on time today for the first time in a looong time. I think my coworkers sabatoged the diapers we bought or brainwashed Evan to push me off the bed in the middle of the night. That bugger.

Note--We have a queen size bed. But I don't think it'd be any different with a king. Evan's just a kicker and toss-turner when he sleeps.