Tuesday, October 25, 2005

1000 pics and counting

We've passed the 1,000 mark of pictures that we have of Evan. And he's only 3 months old! There are TOO many pictures I love to choose which ones to highlight here... so click here to see them all!
They are Evan's milestone, trip to Seattle and Canada, and some pictures from sightseeing in DC with Brian and Lisa.

*Its been a while since I last posted... Sorry for the dryspell. You can only type so fast with one hand while holding Evan with the other.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Evan takes flight

Mark had some leave time to burn so we decided to take a vacation. And what better place to vacation than in Seattle where gransparents can take care of Evan and give us a break! ;)

Evan had a great time with his grandparents and aunt. He even took his first out of country trip to the Great White North (Canada).

His flight there went well, but his flight back didn't go over so well. I thought he would sleep well with the noise and motion of the plane but he just wasn't comfortable. I figured it was a combination of altitude and air bubbles that made it hard for him to fall asleep even though he was tired.

I tried for a bit, then Mark give it a try, but still no sleep. A nice old lady across the isle offered to try. She got him to stop for a few minuets but still no sleep and his cries are getting louder. Another lady traveling with her young daughter thought she'd give it a try. I guess everyone thinks they have the magic touch that will calm a crying baby. Evan lets out a loud cry and his whailing can be heard by everyone around us over the noise of the engine.

Oh, and did I mention that this was a red-eye flight?

Evan gets passed back to Mark who gets up and walks to the back of the plane hoping the walking will calm him. The nice airline stewardess that thought he was so cute when we boarded asked to give it a try too. Sure why not? Now Evan is really upset at being passed around and big tears are streaming down his chubby red cheeks.

As his mom I have figured out what some of his different cries mean. Evan went from being mad to absolutly sad and desperate for comfort.

So, what did the stewardess do? *this part kills me* She decided to walk him up and down the entire length of the plane! Everyone from first class to the lavatories in the back sees him and hears his cries. I'm so embarrassed I can't even get up to go get Evan back.

Mark gets him back and tries again. This time he gets Evan to calm down and even smile for the stewardesses. Already he's charming his audience. After a while Evan remembers that he wanted to sleep but can't and starts fussing again. I'm seated midway on the plane and I can hear him crying in the back. He must be keeping the riders in the back awake. So, I take over and after about half an hour of swinging and bouncing and chating with the stewardesses Evan's wiped out and sleeps fairly well the rest of the flight.

The stewardess reassures me that people really don't mind and offers me a glass of wine. For me or Evan?