Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Pickle, pickle, who's got the pickle?

Just thought I'd share one of our newer Christmas traditions that I found out more about online today. This was introduced to us by our friends Julie and Dave back when we were both young newlywed couples and would spend a lot of time playing, eating, FHEing together. They were like family.
I noticed that they had a pickle ornament in their Christmas tree. I had seen it in Target too, and wondered why on earth would you love pickles enough to put it in your tree. Julie explained that it was an old tradition in Germany, where it was the last ornament hung, hidden in the branches. On Christmas morning, the first child that finds it gets an extra gift and blessings for the new year.
I thought it was a cute idea to add more fun to Christmas morning, so I bought one at a Target after Christmas sale. And maybe this year we can introduce the game to Evan, even though Careese isn't going to be much competition. :)
Today, I did a little google search to find out more about this said German tradition. As it turns out it isn't German at all. Germans don't have any idea what this pickle ornament is about. hmm interesting. Its completely American. And Wikipedia says that it's a popular American tradition. It is?! How did this tradition slip past me all those years?
Well, anyway, what traditions do you have in your family during this holiday season?
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soybeanlover said...

Hehe, we have a pickle on our tree too, though the German part of me refuses to let us play that game.

Our Christmas tradition is to open one present on Christmas Eve. We're still figuring out what traditions we'd like to have.

Super Dave said...

Well, bow-wizards! I did a little research myself, and of course found the same information you mentioned about that pickle. That's ok though- the most important is to have fun and meaningful traditions. We just won't claim a German origin anymore.

We feel the same way about our time in DC with you- like family. And it warms our hearts that Mark always stops in to visit (and work) when he is on his business trips to St Louis.

Congratulations on the daily month of blogging.